Author : See Heng Jee, Muhammad Hafiz Hanafi, Muzaimi Mustapha, Nur Karyatee Kassim, Kamarul Imran Musa,

Abstract : Hemorrhagic stroke is a highly debilitating condition with several rehabilitation problems.This study aimed to discern the effects of intensive TENS therapy for 2 weeks, on a motor-impaired haemorrhagic stroke patient’s recovery, with 6 weeks of conventional physiotherapy, to elucidate the effect of TENS and conventional physiotherapy on serum Creatine Kinase and serum Troponin T. Our outcome measures were serum Creatine Kinase, serum Troponin T, and modified Barthel Index scores. This was a pre-post convenient sampling controlled interventional study, conducted in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, with 10 control subjects and 10 TENS-therapy subjects. The intervention group underwent intensive TENS therapy and conventional physiotherapy for 2 weeks, then 4 weeks of conventional physiotherapy. The control group underwent 6 weeks of conventional physiotherapy. All three outcome measures were measured before and after 2 weeks of intensive TENS therapy and 6 weeks of conventional therapy. Results indicated Creatine Kinase and Troponin T were unaffected by 2 weeks of intensive TENS therapy and 6 weeks of conventional physiotherapy (Creatine Kinase p=0.521) (Troponin T p=0.632). The same also applied to 6 weeks of conventional physiotherapy alone (Creatine Kinase p=0.572) (Troponin T p=0.921). Conversely, modified Barthel Index score comparisons show significant increases in intervention group (p=0.040) compared to control group. This study is a pilot study for future research.

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