Author : Maha A. Hassan, Mohammed T. Sidik, , Mohammed H. Abdel Hafeez, Mostafa M. Abdel Naem,

Abstract : Objectives: This study evaluates the impact of long-term tramadol use on Erectile Dysfunctions and Other Male Sexual Functions. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study carried out over a period of 6-months among 68 clients with tramadol use (history of tramadol use and positive urine examination). The subjects selected from Hot Line Clinic of Minia Psychiatric Hospital, Upper Egypt. They underwent to complete physical and neurological clinical evaluation and assessment. Then, each patient screened with addiction severity index (ASI) and international index of erectile function (IIEF). The control group consisted of 43 subjects with no history of drug abuse and negative urine analysis test. A written consent from subjects was taken. The study was approved from local committee of Minia University. Results: Sixty eight subjects with tramadol use were recruited for this study. The mean age at onset of tramadol use was 26.24 ± 6.472 years. The mean duration of tramadol use was 7.74 ± 3.610 years. According to ASI, psychiatric state, drug use, and family and social domains were the most severely affected domains among the tramadol users. Also, there was a statistical significant difference between tramadol use group and the control regarding erectile function, sexual desire, orgasm, intercourse satisfaction and overall satisfaction as measured by IIEF (p < 0.000). There was a statistically significant negative correlation between average daily dose of tramad

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