Author : Mamat, Imam Makhrus, Irna Trisnawati, Roro Nurfauziah,

Abstract : This research aims to identify the potential spread of COVID-19 from aspects of activities outside the home, inside the home and immunity factors that related to the risk of transmission based on age, education, residence and employment hopefully it can become an effective policy and action reference in handling COVID-19. The research design used a cross-sectional random sampling technique and the collection of data used Google forms media. Format questions used in the form of 3 categories of self-report activities outside the home, inside the house, and immunity factors. The results showed that activities which have a high risk of transmission of COVID-19 are in the adult age group, residence: at village, education; at Junior High school, occupational groups: at company employees, laborers/freelancers. The implementation of health protocols (using masks, washing hands and keeping your distance) supported by comprehensive policy steps that pay attention to psychological, social and economic aspects and even security can strengthen efforts to control COVID-19 by paying attention to the above characteristics as well as supervision and control by the government and the private sector. and society.

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