Author : Adrianto Sugiarto Wiyono, Zulkifli Djunaidi, Leksmono Suryo Putranto, Samuel Gandang Gunanto, Surya Kresnanda, Adhicipta Raharja Wirawan, Ahmad Wildan,

Abstract : Background: Fatalities in road traffic are worse than COVID-19. The fatality rate from traffic accidents remains stable. According to KNKT’s report, from 2019 to 2021, there were 34 cases handled by KNKT with 216 fatalities, including 14 cases related to the brake system, which led to 66, or 30.56%, fatalities. The majority of drivers lack sufficient knowledge of braking systems and effective braking technique on the downhill road because they don't receive enough training to enhance their skills. Methods: A board game called "Awas! Rem Blong" (Beware! Braking Failure) was developed to measure heavy vehicle drivers understanding of the braking system and applying it downhill. Participant will take pre-test and instruction before playing the board game then they will take post-test. Result: All participants are 20 bus and truck drivers from 15 bus and truck companies. They never get any training in specific areas such as braking technique and braking systems. In all subjects, which are braking technique, pneumatic braking systems, and hydraulic braking systems, all participants showed an increase in their knowledge. Conclusions: The board game "Awas! Rem Blong" is indicated as a good tool to increase the knowledge of drivers about braking technique on downhill roads, pneumatic braking systems, and hydraulic braking systems.

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