Author : Nadia Afiyani, Anggika Yelzi Pratiwi, Nadiya Nabila, Amal C. Sjaaf,

Abstract : Abstract— Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a document containing patient data using an electronic system. In the future, electronic medical records are not any digital paper charts, but a digital application that can actively interact with providers and patients. The amount of time for doctors to complete EMR and the presence of a computer screen in the middle of interactions between doctors and patients might cause distractions in interactions between doctors and patients. This review aims to conclude how the use of EMR affects the interaction between doctors and patients also how it may improve the quality of doctor-patient relationships in clinical settings. The method used in this study is a systematic search following the PRISMA guidelines. With 10 articles obtained, various results were found regarding the relationship between the use of EMR and the interaction between doctors and patients. Adaptation between users and the application is needed to respond to medical challenges and improve service performance. Involving patients in the use of EMR can resulting a better impact on the quality of interaction between doctors and patients which can ultimately increase satisfaction and the outcome in therapy. Further research is needed to optimize the use of EMR.

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