Author : Sarah Adelia, Iswinarno Doso Saputro, Nila Kurniasari,

Abstract : Electrical injury is cause of burns that continues to be one of the most distressing trauma injuries in highly industrialized countries. In Indonesia, the number of electrical burns is still underreported. The aim of this study is to evaluate the profile of electrical burn patiens in Department of Plastic Surgery Dr. Soetomo General Hospital Surabaya period of 2014 – 2016. Methods: This research was a descriptive observational study by evaluating medical record with the number of samples was 19 electrical burn patients. The variables were burn wound etiology, gender, age, history of disease, degree of burn, percentage of burn, type of electrical burns, complications and comorbidities, amputation rate, and Length of Stay (LOS). Results: All patients with electrical burns were male with high voltage injuries, 7 (36.8%) patients were 26-35 years old, and respectively 1 (5.3%) patient had a history of pulmonary disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Electrical burns with mixed II-III degrees were found in 16 (84.2%) patients, percentage of burn 0-10% in 10 (52.6%), and LOS 11-20 days in 9 (47.4%) patients. There was complication of increasing transaminase serum in 6 (31.6%) patients. The number of patients who were not amputated was 14 (73.7%). Conclusion: This study revealed the most frequent electrical burns are encountered in male workers, reflecting the inefficiency of the electric energy system. It can be caused by the fact of the population’s low social and economic level.

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