Author : Henny Cahyaningsih, Ali Hamzah, Gurid PE Mulyo,

Abstract : Thalassemia patient has physical and emotional problems due to illness condition, routine treatment, and it will affect their Quality of life. To relieve problems of the thalassemia patients, nurses should modify the environment of the patients and family by using the transcultural nursing model. Methods: It used a quasi-experimental method with pre and post-test design. There were 64 families of thalassemia patients who were participated as the sample by purposive non-random sampling technique and divided equally into the intervention and control group. The result showed that the mean post-test score of Quality of life in the intervention group was 118.22 (SD = 16.62). Meanwhile, the control group was 81.94 (SD = 12.26). There were significant differences in Quality of life among patients between the intervention and the control group (p = 0.001). This research assessment focused on the cultural elements of Lenninger's transcultural nursing. It is concerned with the cognitive ability to know about the values, beliefs, and expression patterns used to guide, support, or provide individuals, families, or groups with the opportunities to sustain health, be healthy, develop and survive. The conclusion is that the transcultural nursing model's application influences the Quality of life of thalassemia patients. It is recommended to nurses who care the thalassemia patients should apply the model of transcultural nursing.

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