Author : Assistant Professor Dr. Saad Abdul Azeez Atiyah, Assistant Professor Dr. Hameed Naeem Musa, Dr. Olfet Jabbar Makki Al-Hassani,

Abstract : Background: Colorectal cancer constituting one of the most frequently occurring malignancies.Previous studies exhibiting the cells of the host signaling manipulation by the bacteria, where chronic or carriage of the bacterial infection can triggering the cancer development among the predisposed genetically persons. Justification: Usage of such triage link can solve many probabilities in studying the role of bacterial risk in cancer. Aims: Studying the Triage of Colorectal Cancer ,Lymphocytic Cell Infiltration , And Bacterial Infection Method: A 76 cases compared with nearly similar number of control by selecting their histopathologic specimens most of the control where excluded because of the insufficient sample size.Comparison done in Thi-Qar province- Southern of Iraq, extended from September 2020 the end of June 2021. Bacterial DNA was detected by PCR technique, and the PCR results were linked with demographic parameters such as age and gender. The data were examined by SPSS (26), P value <0.05consider significant. Result: Universal bacterial primer gave a positive results in 58(57.4%) of cases and only 8 (7.8%) cases of this where positive for bacterial primers. Most cases of colorectal cancer grade were grade II -A 36.8% followed by grade II-B 19.7%. The distribution of bacterial DNA universal primer was highly amounted in Stage III (56.8%) followed by Stage II, and the bacterial DNA were also detected in higher proportion in stage III of colorectal cancer followed by

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