Author : Nasir Muwfaq Younis, Rana Mohammed Jasim, Mahmoud Mohammed Ahmed, Zainab Faisal AlZaidy, Nadia Khalaf Sulaiman,

Abstract : Background: COVID-19 first appeared as a cluster of pneumonia patients with no known cause in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Objectives: The study aimed to identify the attitude of women university student's towards vaccine and intension against COVID-19 Methodology: A descriptive study design was constructive to achieve the objectives of the present study for the period of (1-12-2020) throughout (25-2-2021),used to identify the attitude of Women University Student's towards vaccine and Intension against COVID-19. The setting of the study is carried out in Iraq. In University of Mosul is a public university situated in Mosul. The sample of the study a probability (simple random sample) of (N=100) undergraduate women student in different specialties would be selected. Data obtained by interview technique and analyzed by descriptive statistics such as number, mean, frequency, standard deviation. Results: the study finding indicated that the most respondents' attitudes levels towards vaccine and Intension against COVID-19 were moderate attitude (32%),(57%) poor attitude, and (11%) good attitude level. Conclusion: This study found that women university students do not have a sufficient basic attitude toward the COVID-19 vaccine, and that there is a need to explain topics relevant to the COVID-19 vaccine. In this regard, professional and non-governmental organizations should collaborate.

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